Saturday, September 7, 2013

Miniature Building Authority Review

Convenience Store
The 28mm modern terrain convenience store

I've recently had a chance to get some Miniature Building Authority 28mm Modern Terrain.  I actually picked up quite a bit of MBA's 28mm Terrain, but most of it was for our Mordhiem games.  Since this is blog about modern Zombies, I figured I would talk about the two things I grabbed that will bring some life to the sleepy berg of Lawrenceville after Z-day.  The first thing I am going to talk about is the convenience store pictured above.  It comes out of the box painted as shown.  All of MBA's products are made from some kind of industrial resin that is hard and durable.  The roof comes off so you can get at the inside and move your guys around.  Both of these models are from the standard MBA line, so come with empty space inside.  They sell unpainted kits to finish out the convenience  store as that or as a restaurant.  I will be picking  up the restaurant stuff, as I plan on finishing this up as "Burger Tank" of Left for Dead 2 fame.

I also picked up the 28mm Trailer.

Mobile Home
28mm trailer, painted as shown and complete with a washing machine for the front porch

Both of these are solid and good representations of American culture.  I like the dual utility of the Convenience store.  Probably what I like most about them both is the fact that I don't have to paint anything.  My painting skills (or lack thereof ) are well documented earlier in this blog.

       So, am I happy with these?
       Absolutely!   I would recommend them to any gamer in 28mm modern.  I will be picking up more stuff from them soon.  They just announced a sale on the modern stuff. The car on blocks is a personal favorite. What do you guys think?


  1. They look great. I think they offer some nice buildings and if there pre-painted bonus!

  2. Hmmm this is of my interest!

    Looks quite good mate!

  3. @ Simon, I think they will add a nice bit to my poor town. Them being pre-painted is critical.
    @ Swioc, I am glad you like them.

  4. I do like theses buildings, but the trailer is exceptionally good.
    Being pre-painted is a bonus for the price but having the MBA in the USA really does add a lot to the cost unfortunately for us Brits.

  5. Hmmm, he may have a European distributor. I will have to ask.

    1. This just in from Kirk: I asked him if he had a European Distributor. Here is his reply.

      Kirk Stephens

      Hey Chuck, not really. Shipping is the all around killer. Let them know to e-mail me at and let me know what they are wanting. The website's shipping calculator is way off, so I can have Parry do an actual pack and see what the real shipping is. Also, if they do use the website and pay anyway, we will refund any shipping amount over the actual. The modern items are on sale until the end of this week.