Saturday, September 21, 2013

Adding to the motor pool, New game ideas


      I just picked up this beauty at the local grocery store.  Not exactly Dale's Winnebago, but not bad.  It will do for now as a small RV on the board. I also picked up a plastic backhoe that will fit in nicely with the farm equipment.

       I am quite motivated to put together a Con style 28mm zombie game with each player having either a group of survivors or zeds. I want to really trick out the table with a ton of 28mm modern terrain. The Gen Con games I helped run for Miniature Building Authority really amped me up for this.

This is the kind of table that would make a fantastic Con style Game.  The 28mm modern terrain is really kicking it here.
         I like the idea of an open sandbox approach, IE if you think of it and it is represented on the table, give it a shot.  I'd probably make the RV an objective.  I'd probably have a primary and secondary objective for each group of survivors with descending point values and a low point add on for killing zeds.  I am considering adding special zeds (think Left 4 Dead 2) that the Zed player can get in a random fashion (using cards, maybe?).  They would be worth more points.  Still working out a system that isn't I go you go but isn't THW either.  Probably more of a Star Fleet Battles Impulse system (probably the 8 impulse, though I will try out the 16 as well), I think.
       I like the idea of the different objectives, some of which may put the human players into conflict with each other, in the game.     Has anyone had any experience with these ideas, or something similar?


  1. Cool vehicle. Good idea to use it as an objective its bound to have some loot of some description as well being a good defensive point.

    A con game sounds cool buddy will follow this with great interest.

  2. That's one great looking vehicle and I think we all aspire to have a gaming table filled like the one above.