Thursday, June 28, 2012

The ManCave in all it's (unholy) glory

You guys wanted to see pics of the the cave, well, here it is. 
This is my zombie table, 4x8.  In the background are some of the shelving units with games on them dating back to the mid 80's.

Facing the other way, standing next to the shelving.  You can only see the bottom of some of my broken dead shields.  I use some of the old ones a wall decorations.

The other table is mordhiem ready in about 10 minutes, there are currently modeling projects residing on it as well.

At the head of the mordhiem table is an Egyptian Coffin made for a party.  It was Pharaohs and Faries, come as your favorite. Lots of fun costumes there.
The end of the mordhiem table, some more shelving, and on the top are some of my sailing ships.  You can see a Longship and a Snow.  I have some more ships and crew being done to let me pretend to be Jack Aubrey as well, in 28mm.

More storage, behind the Pharaoh's Tomb, mostly Khador and Space Marines here.
The Painting/Modelling work station.  I a sad to say, not used enough.
Finally, the Bar in the background.  I keep talking about putting up drywall and making it more liveable.  I secretly worry that if I do, I might lose some of the space to my wife. 

    Well, that's my mancave, minus the bathroom and my SCA room.  As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Escape from Lawrenceville, Day 1

  "This is Courtney Courtny, the Channel 5 medical reporter bringing you breaking news from Lawrenceville, Ga.  The Yerkies primate research center has had an outbreak of a strange virus that has turned the monkeys both lethargic and violent.  Several handlers have been bitten, gotten sick and were thought dead.  They seem to have gotten the disease from the primates.  Not very usual in such a situation, but certainly possible.  They also have turned violent, and attacked others.  People are advised to avoid contact with infected individuals.  That's all for now.  This is Courtney Courtny, Stay Home and Stay Safe;"
   There really is a yerkies primate research center for the CDC not too far from my house.  Food for thought on a sleepless night.  I've had my squire Kelson over for a couple of days, he is visiting from Huntsville, Al. 

Kelson, giving me a chance to corrupt him with his first tabletop game.
He's never played a miniatures game, but has rpg'd quite a bit.  I asked him to give me a hand with my first run with ATZ, and we set up the table and made a run for the chopper.  The batrep follows.  I am playing the Not Vincent we will call Larry, and Kelson has the Not-Ellis we will call Bo.  I assumed that we were on Day 1, in an Urban area, and armed with what was on the model, IE SMG's in both cases.  I also designated a building as "Bullseye", our local gunstore and shooting range, and made it an objective on the way.  We had to move from the parking lot behind the Corner Stop Cafe to the gunstore, then on to the helipad at Gwinnett Medical Center.  I rearranged Lawrenceville a bit, and had to use some of my fantasy/middle ages scenery as I am still putting together the town.

The start for our heroes

The red felt was where to fire was, the green to designate the lawn around the courthouse

A quiet street, almost

The helipad is on the roof of the back building
 Still, we got a game in, then part of another.  Here goes:

    Bo and Larry, a pair of unlikely friends, were freaked out by the newscasts.  Bo had been to Bullseye earlier that day and picked up an ak-74 and an MP-5, which promptly all but melted his credit card.  He meet his friend Larry at home, and they discussed what was going on.
           Suddenly a large explosion goes off down the block.  They run down the oddly deserted street to see what was going on, and notice a fire betweeen the Ezzard building and the Gwinnett senior center.  About that time, a helicopter is flying low overhead, broadcasting "All civilian personnel, make your way to the helipad at the Gwinnett Medical Center for immediate evacuation. Avoid contact with Infected individuals."  The message repeats several times. 
            Larry and Bo begin a heated discourse about what to do. Larry is for just running for it, while Bo thinks Bullseye is the right call.  Several minutes pass as the discussion continues, and they can hear what seems like shuffling footsteps.  Then they see someone coming down the alley near Bullseye.

Issat Tina?  Don't shoot her!

 The conversation stops as she walks more puposefully at them.  As she breaks into a stumbling run, Larry realizes she's infected.  She is about to attack them, so he opens up with his smg, which hits her but only knocks her down.  Bo starts yelling at Larry about killing Tina, the waitress at the Corner Stop Cafe, but Larry says she was obviously already dead.  The large chunk of her intestine she left in the parking lot when she broke into the run was his clue.  They went over to the still moving corpse and put it down.
       Totally freaked out now, they decided it was time for even more firepower and headed over to the gunstore.  Looted!  Someone else had beaten them to it, but the empty store still turned up a AR-15 semi auto.  Deciding that hanging around was a bad idea, Larry and Bo start jogging down the street in the direction of Gwinnett Medical.  Near where the fire was, they spot a zombie staggering around, and also ahead of them on the street is another, both heading for them.

Wasting time arguing while the Zeds get closer

       Another heated conversation, some yelling, some pointing and more than a little name calling later, the pair decide to make a break for it down the street.  As they look up, they realize the zeds have been closing the whole time. 

      Sprinting around some parked cars, the pair are making for a gap between the Brand bank and the county maintenance shed when one of the zombies charges them.  Bo puts it down with the rifle, but a heretofore unseen shadow rises in front of them in the passage they were planning to use.
     They hesitate, trying to figure out what to do, and now several zombies, some seen, some just heard, are closing in. 
    Larry and Bo sprint for the Zed in front, shooting and knocking it down.  The medical center is in sight!
    They pause, reloading and breathing, looking at the broken open front door of the hospital, planning.  Just when they are about to dash forward, disaster strikes.  The first zombie they saw by the fire has been stumbling after them the whole way, and lunges around the corner to attack Bo.  Bo bats ineffectively at him with the rifle butt, then trips and hits his head on the way down.  Larry steps up and smashes the Zed with his weapon.  A quick check shows what must be some serious damage, as Bo is still out.   Larry puts him into a fireman's carry and runs for the hospital.
    As he breaks into the street, his heart sinks.  Several zombies are heading for him, and his wild fire is ineffective.  They grab him, and there is a welter of gore as the pair go down for... well, perhaps not for the last time.

The final stand of Larry and Bo

In game terms-  Board set up was designed to make us move around a bit, not just sprint for the end.  I rolled 8 zeds, placed at random 4 and 4 on each half of the table, and started with two kind of near us, but one facing the wrong way.
  First couple of turns had us not activating, some zombie activation.  One zombie headed for us, and I passed the zed no zed with 2, while kelson only passed with 1,  I shot, attracting no z's, and then we finally activated.  We capped it, attracting none, (5-6 roll on day 1) and headed for the gun store.  I made the rule that any loot we found there would be a gun, strange as it seems.  We rolled a 3 for store, so it was empty.  Kelson found the rifle, and were off again.  Several turns of zeds activating and us not later, we were in a tight spot.   We activated and ran fast, trying to get away without shooting to attract more zeds. 
     Finally we activate first and have to kill one, thanks Kelson.  That fire attacts another, right in the darn way.  The zeds activate, one of the ones chasing us catch up and put Kelson OOF.  I melee it next activation and put it down.  He fails to wake up, and I drag him off.  Some of the other zeds activate and catch us in the street in front of the hospital, and the game goes all pear shapes.  Oh well, we had fun.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A little more on Nico's and the Billboard

   I know I am ready for these to be done.  I have to convince my wife to help me with the Photoshop for my signs on Nico's and the Billboard.  My attempt in Paint
Not as nice as I'd like

This convinced me photoshop was what I wanted.  Not awful, just not where I wanted it to be.    I've based and painted Nico's and the Billboard, and have been working on some survivors.  This week was busy.  At fighter practice on Tuesday, I broke my shield.  On Wednesday, I started work on a new one.  They are fairly time intensive if you want it to look something close to right.  I worked on all Wednesday night, went to fighter practice without one on Thurday, and worked on it to finish on Friday.  Fought again on Saturday, my birthday, and went Kayaking down the broad river on Sunday.  Whew!  Hard week, fun week, glad to be back to modeling! 
      Here is Nico's

Before gluing the base on, and painting it.

And second:

Both Together, Bases done.
As ususual, feel free to comment and I will happily entertain suggestions.  The idea to use the window as the entrance was brilliant.  Nico's will have boarded up doors and broken windows.  Thanks!

Monday, June 11, 2012

I certainly hope this keeps up.   I've been enjoying the painting and building more with my zombie stuff than I have anything else mini related in a while.  I am not sure if it is the subject, which has always been a favorite, or the blog (once I started reading everyone else's I was pretty sure I was going to start my own).  Whatever the cause, I've been going at it steady for a while now.  My 16 zombie hordlette is done but for basing (open for suggestions, am considering sand and gray paint, but flocking is pretty easy too.  The putty on the base to make it look like concrete sidewalk idea was tossed out when I realized how many I had.  Nor are all my efforts around the zeds.  I am finishing up 4 survivors, and working on terrain.  I've taken some ideas from you guys and some others to build my town.  Today's post is about a couple of WIP pieces, Nico's Wine shop and a billboard.  As the first models I am doing are based around the downtown area of where I live, I have selected Nico's, the Ezzard building (an architect firm) and the Gwinnett senior center as the first buildings to make.  The senior center and Ezzard building are scratch building projects, and will have their own post.  To say I have struggled would be an understatement.  On to the easy stuff: Nico's Wine Shop
Nico's in all it's glory
This started off life as the K-line Auto parts store.  I pulled off all the decals, JB welded the frame together, sprayed it brown (and the roof a flat black) and mod podged the wallpaper in place.  My wife was a great help here.  She had some scrapbooking supplies from a short interest, and I benefited.  The mod podge and the paper she got at Michael's. I still need to cut the paper out from the windows on the walls, put in some glass for the front windows, and paint up the doors this came with.  They don't open, and I am considering trying to make some that do.  The sign will be printed on my home computer.  I figure the place will be pre-looted, but a careful search might turn up some luxury goods. In real life, they carry some very good beer as well as wine and a few cigars.   The bottles could also be quite useful should some intrepid survivor make it to the gas station a couple of blocks away.

    The billboard I saw someone else do and I realized I could do it to.  It is an old paper dowel from printer paper that came on a roll, some sheet styrene, and a bit of hardboard.  Some JB weld and hot glue later,  voila:  
Sniper's Nest, anyone?

And here they are together.
Ignore the seasonings.  The best light in the house is in my kitchen, strangely.

So that's it on a rainy day.  Hope you enjoy, thanks for coming by, and feel free to comment or give me pointers.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

WIP Part 2, the great Minwax experiment

    I've just finished up with this set of walkers, all but the bases.  I am still sorting out how I feel about Minwax dipping.  I used the "English Walnut" variety.  I was told to just dip the mini into the pot, pull it out and shake it off.  I did my first one, and it was *MUCH* darker than I wanted.   I wiped off quite a bit, and it's still dark.  Thinking that once was an accident, I tried again.  Still to dark.  I was unwilling to try a third time (and thereby prove it was enemy action).  I looked up a couple of tutorials on youtube, and tried out the brush it on method.  Worked okay, still a little dark.  Perhaps I should have used another color?  All in all, I think they turned out pretty good for my painting level.  The first pics are the ones my friends down at the store did.

These are the Zeds I painted, and then dipped.

The one on the left is the first one I dipped, and now he is quite dark skinned.

I like the Eminim zed on the left.  He needs some bling.

The zed on the left is the second dip experiment.  Again, darker than I liked.
Well, that's it for now.  Thanks for looking, and I appreciate the comments.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

WIP Zeds

      I thought I would post a pic of the WIP Zeds.  These guys are the Cobblestone minis I talked about in the last post.  With a whole horde to finish, I am trying all kinds of colors for skin, bloodiness, etc.  I even had a couple of  friends over at Triumph Games give me a hand with some of these.  I would guess that zombies don't get together and have a meeting about dress code and how fast to decompose.  I could be wrong, and there might soon be a ring at the doorbell with a couple of zeds from the local 247 / IBBE (International Brotherhood of Brain Eaters).  But I think not.  Anyway... these are the beginnings of my horde.  Comments are welcome, as are tips.  Should you feel the need, come  by and paint a few.  I figure at the end of the day there will be a couple hundred of the things.  I apologize for the pics, they are phone shots.  I need to dig out my regular camera and retry.  Perhaps with a building in the background.  I plan on changing the billboard to either a Jimmy Gibbs Jr. or Midnight Riders one.

On the left

In the middle

The on the right pics didn't take so well.  I hope you can see them in the next shot.  Ignore the casting going on in the background.  

The whole shooting match

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Patient Zero

      I've been bitten by the 28mm zombie bug.  The kickstarter for Zombiecide by Cool mini or not got me started. I looked at some other systems and found ATZ.   I started checking out the blogs for others who were already doing this, and found Vampifan.  He seems to be the king of the undead hill.  Lots of good stuff out there.  So I went a little nuts and bought a 50 zombie lead pack from Victory Force for walkers. I got a good deal on some Cobblestone survivors and gangers.  I bought about 8 O scale buildings on ebay and about 20 1/43 cars and trucks.  Now on to phase two... building and painting.  I've got about a dozen of the zeds started well, all the primary colors done and on bases.  Bases need work, and I'm going to try the miniwax dip method.  My friends over at Triumph Games tell me it's the best for quick shading on lots of models.  I also have painted up the two Cobblestone not Jules and Not Vincent, and one of the Bikers.  I plan on using the bikers as the "Midnight Riders" of LFD2 fame.
Tour Poster
    A bit about me seems in order.  I'm 46, married with no kids but three big dogs. I live in Atlanta, Ga. I am a long time gamer, and watcher of zombie movies.  I like the slow zombies.  I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a historical recreation group.  I enjoy putting on armor and hitting my friends with sticks.  Hard.  Been doing that not quite as long as I've been tabletop gaming.  My first army was the Squats.  Have a ton of Warhammer fantasy, a bit of 40k, some privateer press, and a fair amount of historical in diffent time eras.  All of my models are 25/28mm, and I can't even consider trying to paint smaller.  I plan on creatively creating my hometown for the zeds to overrun. So, the adventure into a modern era game begins.  With the guy from Miami all over the news, who knows?