Thursday, June 28, 2012

The ManCave in all it's (unholy) glory

You guys wanted to see pics of the the cave, well, here it is. 
This is my zombie table, 4x8.  In the background are some of the shelving units with games on them dating back to the mid 80's.

Facing the other way, standing next to the shelving.  You can only see the bottom of some of my broken dead shields.  I use some of the old ones a wall decorations.

The other table is mordhiem ready in about 10 minutes, there are currently modeling projects residing on it as well.

At the head of the mordhiem table is an Egyptian Coffin made for a party.  It was Pharaohs and Faries, come as your favorite. Lots of fun costumes there.
The end of the mordhiem table, some more shelving, and on the top are some of my sailing ships.  You can see a Longship and a Snow.  I have some more ships and crew being done to let me pretend to be Jack Aubrey as well, in 28mm.

More storage, behind the Pharaoh's Tomb, mostly Khador and Space Marines here.
The Painting/Modelling work station.  I a sad to say, not used enough.
Finally, the Bar in the background.  I keep talking about putting up drywall and making it more liveable.  I secretly worry that if I do, I might lose some of the space to my wife. 

    Well, that's my mancave, minus the bathroom and my SCA room.  As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. 


  1. mancave...CAVE? It's whole personal mansion!

    When my brother moves out, I'm gonna do that to our basement, too, haha!

  2. Holy batshit! That looks fantastic! That is not a mess...You mostly know where the stuff is!!!

    Love the coffin hehe...

  3. Mancave its nearly a batcave, you have a sofa and a coffin. I'm so envious of the space

  4. Looking at your man cave fills me with jealousy. That is one mighty fine set up you have! So when's open day, so we can all come and play in there?

  5. I am far too jealous to be able to comment on this post ...

    errr ... oops!


  6. I think I am following now but my webb-fu is so weak I am not sure! There has to be one and it usually is me but I'm getting used to it.

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