Saturday, September 14, 2013

CDC continues to support zombie outbreak info

It seems just a bit creepy to me that the CDC continues to support the Zombie outbreak info on  their website.
Zombie Banner

The CDC talking about the zombie apocalypse once was funny.  When they made it an ongoing campaign, it makes me go Hmmmmm.....  and want to start buying extra ammo.   Which leads to my next problem.  Not to get all political, but ammo prices have taken a huge leap since school shootings started the anti gun zealots off on their most recent tirade.  For the longest time, you couldn't even find 9mm target ammo.  I could only find hollow points, which are fantastic for the ZA, but I had no desire to throw a dollar downrange per shot.  If I was going to do that, I wanted to have fun with it.  I think for a handgun, 9mm is not the ultimate zombie killing gun. Maybe use a 454? 

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  1. Very interesting, No idea about ammo prices over here in Blighty though.