Thursday, July 12, 2012

A little help please

I am planning on running my day one campaign soon.  I would like to run it as Me.  Given that, here are my answers to the Day one questions, and I have a quandry.  I am unsure if I should run a rep 3 or rep 4.  Your input will be helpful.
I am: 46years old
        Married, no kids
        Wife at work, Cornerstop Cafe, Downtown Lawrenceville
         Own my own home (well, with the bank for another 23 years....)
        Office is about 5 blocks from wife's job.  I do sales, so I am often out and about.
        I would go get my wife first.
        My job is sedentary, true.  I fight in the SCA and have for 22 years now.  They knighted me for prowess on the field.   I am not in great shape, about 6'7" (198cm) and 310 lbs (beer gut would be the right term).  When it comes to fighting with a stick... got it.  Running long distances?  Only if a large horde is chasing me, and then not for long.  That's my quandry.  I shoot okay, not fantastic.  Should I run a split rep?  Maybe 3 for everything but hand to hand?  Should I shut up and just run a 3? 
        Lawrenceville is suburban. 
        No materials to barricade dwelling
        Food = 1 food between us
        No Generator
        Swords (2)
        Spear (boar)
        Pistol, 9mm
        Shotgun 12ga pump
        Mosin Nagat rifle
        Fair amount of ammo, not crazy.  Usually buy more when we go to shoot.
        Plenty of improvised weapons (SCA Swords are sticks...Hard sticks)
         Toyota Tundra (Pickup)
         Pt Cruiser (Minivan / Station wagon crossbreed)
         Luxury Goods
         Not much, some jewelry, the wife smokes so some packs of cigarettes, a few bottles of beer.  Kind of out of luck there.
        I would go to get my wife first.  (Odd they ask this twice)
        Then to the Bullseye gun store (On the same block)  I need ammo, and would try to get another shotgun.
        Then go home (Armor, weapons, Dogs, Gas cans, etc)
         Big Box Store (home depot to get lumber, generator, more gas cans)
        To my friend gunthers house (guns, he's an army ranger, if he's not home have to get his wife and kids)
        Gas Station to fill up vehicles and gas cans)
        That's where I am.  I going to play soon, and need your help.  I keep a practice sword in my truck.  What shoud I do about rep?


  1. well, Rep is also about the state at the beginning. Rep 3 is fair, not great. but if you're not a policeman or military, it is difficult to see how you can outbeat zombie on day one. Moreover, you will be able to get Rep 4/5 pretty quick if you can achieve main objectives.
    So I would say, stick to 3 to start. You've got weapon so you won't be too defenseless.

  2. Reading the above, I have to say that you're a Rep:3 Civilian, Charles. Sorry! Still, with your weapons, you're much better equipped than most. Plus, if you survive Day One, you have a very good chance of making it to Rep:4. Best of luck, mate!

  3. Yup rep 3 sounds about right. The game should give your character a challenge

  4. Okay, the Slow Brawling Rep 3 it is. The table is set up, I hope to get in game one of day one tomorrow.