Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 1, episode 3, A trip to S Mart

      I came to with Randy, the owner of  Bullseye standing over me.  "You okay Chuck?"  "Yeah, just a little woozy. "  He had pulled me out to the truck, where  Toni was sitting up.  "You take care now.  It's crazy out today.  I've had to put down half a dozen sick folks today.  Worse than rabies, this is."  With that, he turned and walked back into the store, locking the door behind him.  "Guess that means we get no guns here." Toni is talking to me.  "Nah, not a big deal.  Wally world is just down the street.  They have guns and other stuff we need. "  She smiles at me, and off we go. 
      We pull into the parking lot, and it's a zoo.   Cars are everywhere, lights are flashing, people are running and yelling in some pretty random directions.  We hop out of the truck, and just like last time, they run past us.  It's like a mosh pit, I swear.  Toni will have a black eye from the last time, and my nose has only just quit dripping.  Oh well, it's all shiny.  Once more into the breach. 
    We  push past them heading for the darkened entryway.   A couple of zeds are heading our way, but we are up to the task.  One rushes me, and I put him down hard. We both run up to the next one. That poor sucker never stood a chance.  I pulled back, but Toni hammered him with the pan.  Silently, she stooped down and cut off the head with my lock blade.  "Just making sure." She answers my unasked question.  I begin to wonder what's happening to my wife.  Behind us, there is yelling and screaming, and the sounds of people puking.  No time for that now.  We have to take care of us.
     Stopping for a second to look around, I spot some zombies over by some rednecks jacked up truck.  They seem interested in some of the people who ran past us though, so Toni and I jog for the store.
     We get to the front doors and duck inside.  Chaos rules.  I hear growls, screaming and crying.  The emergency lights are on. There is no way we can get all the stuff we need!  Despair starts to set in.  Toni reads my mind and says "Just grab what we can right now and let's get out of here. Lucky me, that girl's a keeper.  I grab a turned over shopping cart.  Near the front is the seasonal section, and for some reason there is 55 gallon drum of gas, I guess for the lawn mowers. We quickly lever it into the cart.  I head for the exit, only to hear breaking glass behind me.  Toni grins when I turn around, arms full of cartons of cigarettes. I can't argue.  They will be worth a lot in two ways.  She's a real witch when she's having a nic fit.  I'm sure she's not the only one.
     We head out.  I am sure I heard something closing on us, but you just couldn't see in the dark.  As we step outside, about four guys tried to jump us for our stuff. We hammered them fiercely and they took the better part of valor.  OUR STUFF, dammit.  In the short time we were inside, the parking lot got even more crazy.  I could see more zombies, they were  chasing people.  I am sure Bedlam looked like this.  We kept our focus though, and headed for the Pick 'em up.  I yelled at Toni "Go on ahead and drive.  I've got to get this in the back".  The zombies were closing on us when she slid into the front seat.  If it weren't for the fact that I had the drum in the cart there was no way I could have gotten up that high myself.  The damn thing was heavy!  I tipped the cart over to get the drum onto the tailgate, and slammed it shut.  I leapt in pounding on the side rail, and Toni sped off.  Whew!

I again rolled a 1 d6 pass for the getting there.  I set the table up so we had to get through the parking lot and into the store. Since this was the third objective, this was important.  3 zeds and 10 civilians.  In the middle of the parking lot, that was crowded.  Well, off we go.  We make it thru the civilians this time, I took on 6 and she beat 4. 

Turn 1 doubles, generating 2 more civilians. zombies 5 me 4 civilians 6 I fought both civilians and they ran past without incident.

Turn 2 z4 m5 c3 the civilians move down the parking lot to the edge, but the zombies are closing  in.

Turn 3 z 4 m 1 c 1 zombie kills a civilian, starts a 4 turn feast that panics most of the civilians.  4 run off the board to safety, the rest retire or duck back thru the parking lot.  We are not in Line of sight for feast.  With the two zeds closing in the middle of the parking lot,  I pass 1d6 zed no zed, Toni passes 2. 

Turn 4 z 4 m 3 c5   Generates 3 zeds by the monster truck.  I pass 2 d6 being charged, and kill the zombie coming at me.  We then charge the other one, and Toni kills it.  I hope I did that combat right. We both fought it, I kept her dice separate from mine, and she beat it before I had a chance to roll.

Turn 5 z 3 m6 c5 the zombies from the monster truck kill one of the hunkered down civilians, feasting for one turn.  It's looking grim for the herd that tried to run me down.  No one coming to rally them and zombies nearby.

Turn 6 doubles (I am learning to hate them)  generate 4 more civilians   Z 1 M2 c 6 We move fast 8" going for the store. The zombies are busy with lunch, and the civilians just tremble a lot. 

Turn 7 z4 m2 c4  We fast move 8" to the store.  Couple of great rolls later, and I have fuel and luxury items.  The zeds near the taxi kill another hunkered down civie with a 6 turn feast going on.

Turn 8  z6 m4 c2 The zombies feasting by the taxi caused more chaos in the civilians.  A few passed the feast test and ran off the table, a couple retired, and some ducked back.  None of the original set rallied.  These guys are toast.

Turn 9 z 3m 5 c5 zeds close in, it's getting hairy.

Turn 10 z6 m1 c1  We fast move closer to the truck.  The civilians scatter to the wind in reaction to the zombies. The parking lot is a real mess.

Turn 11 z1 m5 c5  a pair of zeds charge in to combat with a couple of civilians in different locations.  Importantly, the civilians are closer to the zeds than we are.  Both combats end in a tie.

Turn 12 Z2, M3 C5.  We race to the truck, Toni outrunning me and jumping in to drive.  I throw the gas in the back and jump in.  Scene changes....
This was a great game for a couple of reasons, but a bit of a let down as well.  The fact that we both made it in and out of the store was great.  We found stuff as well, a couple of good rolls there. The let down was the civilians.  They are literally flooding the game board.  Is this common for everyone, or is it just me? 


  1. Nice collection of vehicles - I don't have many myself, but I can see two that you have that we both own :-D

    1. Thanks. I was lucky to find a bunch of these at Dollar General for $2.50. Most of the cars came from that. A couple came as extras from ebay when I bought some plasticville. Which two do we share?

  2. Great AAR, Wow good collection, I always missout on finding cars like these normally, always arrive to the party late.

    I had to really LOL at this 'She's a real witch when she's having a nic fit' part of the story

    1. Thanks for the kind comments. My wife will happily admit to being "A bit snarky" when she is without her coffin nails. As I quit almost 20 years ago, I understand but do not sympathize. After the Z day however, I might care less about the possible long term effects of tobacco.

  3. Charles another great post! And you are right about Mrs Charles - she sounds like a keeper! Shelldrake and Brummie are right, you do have a great collection of cars there - I'm really jealous of the ice-cream van!

    Unfortunately, it looks like I'm up to date now though - boo :(


    1. Toni is totally a keeper. The cars are pretty good, though it seems everyone in my town is driving wicked nice cars... hard to find a mini van or a economy sized car in 43rd scale. I have another batrep in the works, it was just longer than the first few... tough game.