Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 1, Episode 5. A funny thing happened on the way to the market

I am only posting about this for the sake of completeness.  I started my last day 1 scenario, the supermarket.  I set it up, put together a parking lot, rolled for zombies and got four.  I rolled on the getting there table and did not pass at all.  Should have been a clue, I think.  I placed my truck and my miniatures on the board.  I rolled for the number of frantic civilians.  There were five.  I was pleased.  I could not get past the the third.  He ran me over.  That location was done for me.... Blah.  I was really hoping to pick up some more food in that location while still under the day 1 protection.  The state of my group is as follows:
Me, rep 3 civilian. Brawler, Slow  Armor, sword, shield, shotgun
Toni rep 4 civilian cold as ice (she passed her roll) Rifle, pistol
Dexter rep 3 civilian
2 units of food. 
1 unit of fuel, plus what is in the truck and car.
1 suit of armor Toni sized she won't wear.
2 units of luxury goods (smokes)
The truck and pt cruiser. 
Various hand weapons, and a crossbow.
 I was thinking about the crossbow.  How does a 12 inch range with an impact of 2 and target of 1 sound?
  Are there rules for molotov cocktails?  How about grenades? I only find them for flash bangs.
I will move onto day 2.  I plan on playing a game each day for the first week now.  I plan on trying to take over the Sam's club distribution center on the last day.   Several  Find scenarios.  Probably no raids unless I need to.  Well, the gloves are off.  On to day 2.


  1. Bad luck on being ran down by civvys. With the amount of beatings going on by Civilians in ATZ lately I'm surprise the apocalypse ever started lol.

    No idea on nades to be fair, Perhaps Vampifan can help

    1. Yeah. I started this without much thought for the other humans being my enemy. That has proven less than accurate.

  2. Tough luck there, Charles. Regarding rules for crossbows and grenades you should check out this invaluable resource post from the Board of the Living Lead forum -
    You'll find rules for crossbows, grenades and a whole lot more there.

  3. I don't mind losing a game. Happens. Thanks for the heads up about the post. I missed it when I was catching up.